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In Bassecourt (JU), sale of a family house in the center of the village

Finally ! We have succeeded in finding our house that which will welcome all our family. A big thank you to Mrs. Sarah Forero, sales manager for having accompanied us and informed us of each stage during the entire process of purchase. At every moment, we felt surrounded and all our requests were processed quickly. Another thousand thanks!

Family Manuel Martinez and Sara Cristino, foreman and pharmacist
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in Lugnez, sale of our Restaurant

We tried by ourself to sell our restaurant, nothingness. 2 agencies proposed us their service(department) and we chose Neuschwander Immobilier SA. It was for us the good choice because after more than 3 years we had always sold our restaurant. Neuschwander Immobilier limited company in managed to sell.....

Credenza Concetta and Dino, restorers
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To Bassecourt ( JU), sale of a family house to be renovated

To sell a real property can cause(provoke) many concerns(marigolds) and stress. In my case, after the death of my parents(relatives) and the sale of the family house, the Neuschwander Immobilier limited company agency knew how to advise(recommend) to me exactly. I can only thank them for the accomplished work and the signed sale.

Nathalie Willemin, bank employee
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In Laufon (BL), sale of an old family home

We would like to sincerely thank Neuschwander Immobilier SA for selling our family home. After the death of our father and 2 years of waiting related to the business of succession, Neuschwander Immobilier SA knew to undertake all the useful steps in order to sell our house. We will recommend to all our neighbors Neuschwander Real Estate as well as the agency manager in Laufon.

Succession Rolf Neuschwander
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In Courtételle (JU), sale of en apartment

Making a first real estate purchase is not easy. This is to achieve, in a way, Making a first real estate purchase is not easy. It is about realizing, as it were, a dream. To evoke his desires, to evaluate his needs, to make them coincide with a financial reality, to integrate notarial jargon ... So many indispensable steps to finally find himself in his home. At each of these stages we were able to count on the Neuschwander Real Estate team. Always present when necessary, we appreciated the professionalism and advice of his real estate agent, his listening, his speed, his courtesy. We wanted to thank them sincerely.

Mrs and Mrs Nadine and Philippe Jobin Donzé, HES teacher and social educator.
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Sale of a family house in Delémont

I would like to thank the entire Neuschwander Real Estate team for their know-how and expertise.

I enjoyed collaborating with people available and listening to the sale of a home as part of a hoard. Their advice was paid for because the house sold in record time. I highly recommend this family-owned real estate business.

Aude Gassmann