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Sale of my apartment in Delémont

The sale of my apartment was concluded quickly and efficiently by Benjamin Neuschwander, real estate agent. The setting on his site was fast and effective. The communication was well followed, the means used are up-to-date, appropriate and fast. Coordination with all stakeholders was very good. I recommend this agency.

Stéphane Rossel - November 2017
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Buy an apartment in Delémont

It is a real pleasure to have been accompanied as a buyer by Neuschwander Real Estate. Not only their network is their big strong point, but they also know very well the real estate market. Finally, we were accompanied throughout the purchase process, which is reassuring to be able to benefit from their experience during these different stages.
I would not hesitate for a second to re-call their service and warmly recommend this family business for any seller or buyer in the Jura.

Jérôme Galeuchet, July 2017
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Buy a house in Delémont

" We've been looking for a long time to buy a house, but we really wanted it to be in Delémont. We did some research and thanks to Neuschwander Real Estate the house of our dreams appeared. We visited it, then immediately reserved. It is now 6 months that we are the happy owners of this magnificent house. We thank the agency and the previous owner very much. "

Joao et Carla Pestana - October 2017
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Sale of our village house in Saulcy

We warmly thank father and son Raphaël and Benjamin Neuschwander for their professional knowledge and their availability during the sale of our village house.
Thanks to their assistance and support, it has been possible to realize the desired property sale under the best possible conditions.

Christine & Jürg Kaufmann - September 2017
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Buy a house in Glovelier - Sceut

After a long search to find our home, we finally find our paradise for us and our dogs!
The process of buying one house is not always simple but the Neuschwander family has always helped us. We warmly thank the Neuschwander (father and son) who speak German perfectly and their in-depth knowledge regarding the keeping of animals in the Jura. Even once the house was bought we stayed in excellent contact with the realtors.

We highly recommend this family business and thank them again.
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Sale of our house in Courfaivre

Dear Mr. Neuschwander,

From the first day, the whole process was approached with professionalism and specifically proposed to your clients that you had it internally directly. When the buyers were found, you have started all the steps to our greatest satisfaction. The announcement of the house was proposed to your client portfolio on March 23 and April 1, 2017 we were already at the notary to sign the sale. All the details that remained to be done once the sale was signed passed quickly.

So, my wife and I are very satisfied with your work and can recommend to anyone who wants to sell their home quickly, your real estate experience is impressive!

We wish you a lot of success for the future.

Erika and Kurt Rothenfluh, April 2017